PICA Objectives


  • Contributing to the establishment of the sovereign State of Palestine, and to the realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People.
  • Promoting development relations and mobilizing international cooperation in pertinent areas to enhance the international status of Palestine.
  • Supporting the Arab African Neighborhood Policy
  • Fostering public diplomacy through networking and related programs.
  • Enhancing development diplomacy, supporting cooperation and strengthening solidarity with friendly and supportive nations as well as regional and international organizations.
  • Increasing bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral cooperation including South-South and North-South Cooperation.
  • Mobilizing and dispatching missions of Palestinian experts, both locally and from the diaspora, to developing countries in order to provide technical assistance and expertise.
  • Promoting the 2030 UN SDG’s, and developing programs for cooperation in the fields of health, agriculture, education, peacebuilding and rule of law, IT, civic engagement, and volunteerism.
  • Promoting the Palestinian Identity worldwide through civil, political, social, economic, and cultural activities.
  • Engaging in post natural disaster recovery and reconstruction operations.
  • Making available business of investment opportunities for Palestinian private sector.

PICA Activities


  • Building and developing a comprehensive database unit of Palestinian experts that serves the agency’s goals resourcing mapping center.
  • Coordinating and organizing the Palestinian development process and preparing periodical reports in cooperation with local and international partners.
  • Assisting in preparing the National Development Plan & implement cooperation programs that serve sustainable development goals.
  • Implementing bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral cooperation projects in the fields of peacebuilding and rule of law, IT, education, health, agriculture, and environment.
  • Exchanging expertise and knowledge between Palestine and the world
  • Creating a Global Partnership Network.
  • Establishing, following up, and activating the regional and international partnerships and agreements.
  • Developing the partnership and interaction with the academia, civil society and private sector.
  • Engaging in post natural disaster recovery and reconstruction operation.
  • Organizing voluntary programs to serve the needs of the developing countries and strengthen the relationship with the Palestinian communities in the expatriate.
  • Enhancing investment opportunities.