Investment Opportunities and Private Sector Engagement

PICA considers the private sector a fundamental partner in its strategies and development programs and believes that partnering with the private sector should always be in accordance with the global efforts aimed at achieving a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable world by 2030. PICA seeks to create robust partnerships with the Palestinian private sector (from within the State of Palestine as well as the diaspora communities) in order to initiate and implement strategic projects across different geographical locations and economic industries. These projects aim to improve the well-being and socio-economic conditions in targeted countries – benefiting from a wide range of signed agreements and cooperation frameworks with local, regional and international partners.

  • PICA’s relationship with the private sector is focused on four main elements:

Through its global reach and partnerships, PICA can play an active role in creating incentives for Palestinian businessmen and entrepreneurs to benefit from various opportunities for growth and impact across new foreign markets and developing economies. Further, PICA not only seeks to advance the interests of Palestinian businesses on the global stage, but also to help achieve the strategic goals of the State of Palestine by enhancing its economic and commercial relations with regional and global partners.

Palestinian businessmen – both inside Palestine and from the diaspora community – have provided great examples of entrepreneurship and resilience that could be transferred to other places, especially to fragile situations and post-recovery contexts. Besides, greater emphasis is given to entrepreneurial talents and innovative firms that can offer creative solutions to highly complex global challenges.

Successful partnerships that include both the private and public sectors play a pivotal role in scaling up the development impact of projects in targeted countries by bringing together the different technical, operational and financial capabilities of the different stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of these partnerships.

Palestinian businessmen are known for their philanthropic work and could be relied upon to support crucial projects that target vulnerable communities, especially in critical fields such as health and education.