Palestine starts preparations for BAPA+40 conference in Buenos Aires. Palestine International Cooperation Agency in its capacity as national coordinator for South-South cooperation is preparing for the second High Level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 20 to 22 of March 2019. PICA through its local and international partnerships will be contributing to the strengthening of the role of South-South Cooperation and to implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Palestine International Cooperation Agency (PICA) discusses with UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Office in Jerusalem the possibility of future cooperation. The two parties agreed to have further discussions on the topics tackled in the meeting.

Cooperation between Palestine International Cooperation Agency PICA and the Ministry of Labor of the State of Palestine. the copperation emphasizes in the implementation of the Council of Ministers decision to strengthen coordination and cooperation between Palestine International Cooperation Agency and the Palestinian Ministries, Governmental bodies and institutions in order to implement a national plan that serves Palestine’s public interest. Palestine International Cooperation Agency was honored to meet today with H.E the Minister of Labor, Mr. Mamoun Abu Shahla, Deputy Minister Samer Salameh and Director of Public Relations and Information Hani Al-Shanti in order to discuss future cooperation and joint activities and programs (bilateral and trilateral) within the interest of the two parties, particularly in Africa and Latin America.

Palestine International Cooperation Agency (PICA) was honored to present a summary of its strategy, action plan and mechanism of work to the Council of Ministers at its 235th meeting. PICA expresses its sincere appreciation to H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah and to the Council of Ministers for this important opportunity and trust granted by the Council to the Agency to move forward in mplementing its development programs in full partnership with national and international partners in line with national plans

Palestine International Cooperation Agency (PICA) and the Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to enhance the capacity of both parties to seize foreign investment opportunities, and harness the role of Palestinian businessmen in participating in international cooperation programs and contributing to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda.

The Palestinian International Cooperation Agency has agreed with the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation to start a cooperation program to implement a number of development projects, especially in Africa, to benefit from bilateral and triangular cooperation programs in the fields of health, education and agriculture and enhancing investment opportunities.

The two agencies also agreed to coordinate and prepare a framework agreement that would define areas of joint cooperation, to be signed between the two sides in Palestine or Morocco in the coming months.

This came during the meeting of H.E Dr. Riad Malki, the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates with the Director General of the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation, Ambassador Mohamed Mithqal and his advisors, which discussed ways to strengthen ties of joint cooperation and to implement development programs between the two agencies, especially in Africa.

PICA signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation ATCT.

The agreement includes cooperation in the areas of governance, information technology, agriculture, health, environment, water and various development areas.

The MoU also aims at benefiting from bilateral and triangular cooperation mechanisms with donor countries, international organizations and specialized and regional agencies to exchange experiences between the two sides, implementing of joint technical and specialized missions and benefiting from the experience of ATCT to strengthen PICA’s interventions in Africa and enable it to implement its “solidarity through development” program.

PICA staff will need to clearly understand the vision and goals of PICA so as to be able to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of PICA programs and projects. Staff, most likely to be seconded from MoFA, must also have a broad knowledge and understanding of the Palestinian context and a good background in international cooperation and the development sector.

An appropriately designed structure comprises a framework through which the activities of the organization can be planned, directed and controlled across different levels, units and positions. The structure defines and facilitates tasks and responsibilities, work roles and relationships, and channels of communication. It is important to continuously review the structure to ensure that it is appropriate for the agency’s needs.

The tentative staff for PICA shall comprise a number of positions, to which key responsibilities are allocated. Those responsibilities were defined in a consultative process between the Consultant and MoFA staff, together with UNDP support with regard to the functions that PICA shall perform. The responsibility for function implementation lies with the individual staff, while the performance of each and the completion of responsibilities shall be supervised through the Policy Unit at PICA.

The necessary skills of the relevant staff of both PICA and MoFA (International Cooperation Directorate) that will participate in PICA’s projects through drafting proposals, project formulation, and budgeting need to be continuously developed through training programs and capacity development. Furthermore, potential risks, and opportunities for mitigating those risks, need to be identified and defined. For example, issues of funding, potential overlaps with other institutions, participation of Palestinians, the role of embassy personnel, and relationships with donors.